Consumer Helpline


Consumer Helpline supports consumers by: Guiding consumers in finding solutions to problems related to Products and Services. Providing consumer’s information   related to Companies   and Regulatory Authorities. Facilitating consumers in filing complaints against defaulting Service Providers. Empowering consumer to us available Consumer Grievance Redressed Mechanisms, developing Consumer Awareness about their Rights and Responsibilities.

The social and legal responsibility of business to its customers requires that top management give top priority to their customers. The following consumer rights impose social and legal obligations on every business to design their business policies and management systems to address concerns of their consumers. These rights are to be enforced primarily by business. The role of government is to create a policy environment that enables business to respond to this consumer right.

The first focus at Consumer Helpline is on information, examining the sectors, the complaints and collating what is already there and what is missing in the 3 Tier redressed systems. Expeditious collection of all information sector-wise, company wise, transcending geographical boundaries. Companies are complex organisms. The focus icon that part of the company that is responsible for consumer grievance redressed. It varies from Company to Company and ranges from the seamless organizations to the insular and consumer insensitive ones. NCH has been raising the issues of consumer complaints at these interactive sessions and complaints are being sent to some of the service providers for redressed, systematic analysis and policy formulations.